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How to post

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 20, 2015 4:38 pm

Hi this is Karun (the admin.) To register, create an account, look on the top bar (with all those stuff like log in and stuff) then you should see the register button. I am sure you all have an email so yeah, but just saying that you do need one.  Follow the instructions and that is that. Look around the home page and you should see a new post thing. Click and then there should be text boxes for typing. Hope it is OK, and if it isn't go to the home page and click on the top bar and instead of register look for "you have no new messages".Then click new PM.Put my username and put what you did. I should private message you back what you did wrong. Hope it works out for you. By the way, if u r using the mobile then click on the top right of the page (there should be an arrow), then click classic version. Now follow all the other steps. Hope this works!

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